Vanilmirth Leveling Guide

Are you having a hard time choosing where to gain experience and level for your Homunculus Vanilmirth? I can give you some maps where you can gain a decent experience with your Vanilmirth.

Level 1-10: You can level up on spore and poporing on payon field without even monitoring your character. Make sure you have a good working AI for homunculus. If you want to level up more fast, you can attack wolf but be ready to bring lots of red or orange potions.

Level 11-40: You can level up on wolf. I like to gain level on wolf for reason that wolf assist other wolf when attacking. They will mob you vanilmirth and this effect will limit the time for hunting monsters.

Level 41-70: At this stage, there are a lot of monster that your Homunculus Vanilmirth can attack. This include zenorc, metalling, orc skeleton.. etc.

Level 70-99: At this level, you can gain experience on High Orc or on Moscovia Field. Or you could still stay on orc dungeon. That is what I did, I stayed on orc dungeon til my vanil reached 99. Zenorcs spawn faster and this a small map.

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